Dave Gunning, more known for his solo career, has been engineering and producing recordings since 1998. Wee House of Music Co. was opened by John Meir and Dave and was originally located in the town of Pictou. It is now located 5 minutes outside of town in Lyon’s Brook, Pictou County.

Although Dave’s own original music is more rooted in the folk / acoustic world he has also worked within other genres from rock to country as a writer, producer and engineer.

Dave has worked on the following projects:
Dave Gunning - No More Pennies
Darren McMullen – Shoes For Molly
Dylan Guthro - All That’s True
Bruce Guthro – Celtic Crossing
David Myles – I Will Love You (acoustic version)
Karen Robinson – She’s a Keeper
Greg MacDonald - Steel Town (single)
Darren McMullen - Shoes For Molly
Dave Gunning – Christmas Too
Stu Marchand - Industry Town – click here for sample
JD Fortune - demos – click here for sample
Fleur Mainville – Once – click here for sample
Dave Gunning – We’re All Leaving – click here for sample
Dave Gunning – A Tribute to John Allan Cameron – click here for sample
Steven Bowers – Homing – click here for sample
Matt Andersen - Spirit of Christmas – click here for sample
Lewis MacKinnon - A’ Seo
Lewis MacKinnon – Making More of It
Cynthia MacLeod - Riddle
Buddy MacDonald – myself, my shadow and me
George Canyon – Somebody Wrote Love
JP Cormier – Now That The Work Is Done
Matt Andersen – Live at the Phoenix
Seven Nations – the Pictou Sessions
Steven Bowers – Wanderlust
Fleur Mainville – Fleuries (a Christmas Record)
Dave Gunning – Christmas
Dave Gunning – live
Dave Gunning – Caught Between Shadows
Spyder MacDonald – By Sea By Land
Maurice Poirier – Behind A Voice
Alycia Putnam – In A Fiddlin’ Mood
Alycia Putnam – Fiddle Storm
Troy MacGillivray – Boomerang
Dan Stacey – fiddle record
Beyond Ash – Wish
Beyond Ash – 4 Leaf Clover
Ann Holton – Maiden Voyage
Jug In Hand – Delirium